Getting Started + What to Expect


I want to talk to you about how to create a routine for yourself! I talk a lot about finding what works for you, moving away from what doesn't feel good, moving towards what does, and how to do it in as little as 10-30secs per day; overtime allowing you the ability to just show up.

Just showing up - for yourself:

That can be really challenging and hard though, right?! So I want to talk you through figuring out how to set yourself up with even the tiniest routine. Whether that's in the morning, evening, or any routine in general. Maybe it is 10 seconds in the morning , beginning a practice of taking a breath. Or, maybe, it's a full on night time routine that lasts hours.

Literally this is for whatever you have/make time for!

Allow this to shift + flow in your own life, so that you don't keep yourself in a box. So you don't get bored, so you don't feel like it "should" be working and it's not. You are a human being and human beings have different interests, as well as multiple interests. We are constantly shape shifting + flowing through life, so please, allow yourself the grace and space to just be who you are and enjoy what you like in this moment.

Change is normal.

You won't be the same person day to day. Especially when you're showing up and learning all of this new stuff about yourself in the selfcarecreature lifestyle (wink wink). Change has a snowball affect and soon enough is happening at an alarming rate! Invitation to let yourself go, flow with it, take it all as it comes!

Let's begin...

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