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All aspects of SCC work revolves around creating a stable foundation in mind, body and spirit that you can return to and build from for the rest of your life. 

The SCC membership is a reflection of that mission, through the lens of your original selfcarecreature, Courtney Klop.


My intention is and always will be for you to get to know yourself better. With this online membership my intent is to create a space where you feel safe enough to really just dive in and explore getting to know yourself better, in a self-paced environment; with optional community connection options.

In this space we're dropping any 'rules' the fitness industry, diet culture, or society at large have tried to place upon us in order to keep us small and/or disconnected from our bodies.

I want you to show up as you are.

I am a white women in a relatively small body. There's a lot of privilege that could be viewed here, but I want to express just how much I believe that mindful movement and this practice of unfolding and getting to know ourselves IS for every body and it is attainable for everybody, no matter the background you come from or the way you were raised. I take it upon myself to study with, from and for all different body types and varying backgrounds.

Through these practices you'll hear lots of prop options, modifications and we're going to take things at a slow pace. You'll hear lots of suggestions on what to do with your body or how you can simply be with it; but again these are all suggestions with the intention to help you discover what works best FOR YOU.

Of course, as any movement journey would have it, you are showing up for your body in the physical sense of the practice, but this practice is expanding your awareness for yourself and the capacity to be with yourself - as you are right now and in every shifting season life carries.


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