Types of Lessons + Classes

My passion comes from the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is our rest and digest state; something required for your cells to regenerate and for digestion to occur in the body.

The process of mindful movement expands awareness for yourself and the capacity to be with and in your body. However, you must be able to actually slow down and make time to cultivate that and we all know that's really not the world we live in.

Society, culture and even family systems encourage us to go, go, go!! These courses are an invitation for you to cultivate that space within yourself and your life, for the better good of you, your community and the planet at large.

All courses are taught through a mindfulness lens.

Further break down of class types:

In the spirit of mindful movement I am passionate about strength, mobility, balance, restoration, gentle and slow flows, as well as meditation.

All SCC classes build off a foundational approach. I don't prefer to use terms like beginner, intermediate or advanced, because those terms can be determined by the (current) quality of your mind, not what you may actually be capable of within your body - which are also ever-changing, day-to-day, season to season.

Here's a little overview for what to expect:

Mindful Movement: Connecting with the breath, embracing slower paced and intentional movement. Most classes touch on alignment and help students gain an understanding for how our core works and adjusting the alignment of the spine so everything can feel more supported. As your awareness grows, you may notice how your body compensates for certain injuries, etc. and you'll learn how to better support your body in it's current (ever-shifting) state.

Gentle: Slow, exploratory, primarily mat based classes.

Restorative becomes more of a mix between gentle movements and longer resting poses where there is a lot more guided talking, poetry and relaxation into the music. Here we are holding the poses a bit longer, maybe 3-5 minutes, but again with a little bit of movement in between, incorporating that gentle aspect.

Advancing: Students are invited to take what they learn building a foundation within themselves and their breath and use that foundation to learn how to move and flow with the breath through varying movement. This is especially experience in the Functional Movement course and Vinyasa Yoga.


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