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What's Inside?

The free mini courses included here are:
5 Days to Shift (build self support systems)
Hydrate Me (obtain and sustain hydration)
Time Management Meditation Series


Meet your Instructor,

Courtney Klop

These free mini courses have been created in hopes that you can feel comfortable to just show up and be with yourself as you get to know yourself, on the physical, mindful and spiritual planes. We all have a starting place - whether you're returning to yourself or showing up for the first time, it's important to create space in your life to get to know yourself better! The more you can learn about how your body responds, the more you have the ability to support it!

See you on the inside~


As a self-care guide + educator for the last decade, Courtney honors the profound interconnectedness of life through holistic lifestyle guidance and intuitive spiritual readings. Learn how to achieve a radical sense of Self, sustain work/life balance and genuinely love your life amidst life's ever shifting tides. Specializing in self-care, stress management and spiritual awakenings for both family and career driven individuals. Get to know yourself better through down-to-earth, safe + accessible guidance, so you can thrive.