Live Online Class Schedule

The zoom links to any live online movement classes will be provided in the corresponding course (yoga or functional movement). You can check the SCC class calendar at any time to see what online classes are available.

There will be classes and content added into the membership typically on a weekly and/or monthly basis, depending on what comes up. When there is a new class / content added, you will receive an email, so you don't have to check the course. That is why it is important to add our email address into your digital address book + mark our emails as important, so you never miss an email to your inbox!

No need to worry if a live class doesn't work for you - nearly all classes are recorded and uploaded into their appropriate course. Double checking the calendar is the best option to know if/when a class is happening!

As an SCC member you get access to oh so much more than live classes - there are so many on-demand lectures and classes available! Your membership supports all of the work and effort it takes to keep this space going.

Thank you!

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