'Safe Enough Space'

Is any place ever fully safe?

I don’t think that's possible, but please know that I am doing my best to continue to educate myself and being open to vulnerable + challenging conversations.

In my work, a safe place is defined as a space where you can be your full authentic self without judgement. A safe enough space offers space to be brave. It is an honor that you are here and wading into these waters.

If anything in any of these courses becomes really challenging for you, you are invited to lean into it as you can - as we’re all learning how to be with our edges in various ways - but also know you can reach out for support and we are open to feedback.

Please know the SCC team and myself are open to communicate if ever there is any verbiage used or anything else that arises on this platform or in these classes that make you uncomfortable. I want you to feel comfortable being able to approach us.

My intent is to help all BODIES, all GENDERS, all PEOPLE come home to themselves and I know that can be difficult when you're over there by yourself and you can't see the other course participants. Please connect via the community connection forum!

It's also challenging for me as an online creator to not be able to physically see all my students out there. I do spend a lot of time visualizing my community and I am so grateful for each and everyone of you. So please, I'd like to encourage you to have conversation with me and with each other.

Let's keep the community growing and building, so we can all feel safe enough to continue to build a more inclusive world together.


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