How to become a Self-Care Creature!

This course, this DIY self-paced course has been designed for you from me including all of the tools + resources I have used since about 2014 when I really started diving into all this personal development + self-care and kind of searching more within myself that lead me down this rabbit hole, that I had no idea would lead me here!

I get questions every single day from all of my community members - that’s YOU - out there; telling me that you want to know what podcasts do I listen to, what books can I recommend, what music makes me feel good? What morning routines have I tried? How did I craft the routine that I have thus far? Do I ever try anything for evening routines?

Just all of these questions about all of my resources and the ways that I have come about learning how to have this self-care lifestyle personally curated for my life. 

Now it is all available for you!!

Here’s how it works:

There’s no workbook or specific way to move through this course. It really is a do-it-yourself, at your own pace style course. So you can scroll through, see what you like and find what works for you! 

However, there are plenty of downloadable resources within the course! PDF downloads + printable pages that can be accessed via computer, phone, tablet or (obviously) physically, if you print it! Some include journal prompts and give you space to craft your own routines, rituals + self-care lifestyle.

Of course, I’ll be reminding you the entire time that this is all about finding what works or YOU and making this your own, so this becomes a lasting and sustainable lifestyle for you to support yourself.

If you have any questions, I’m around! There is a comment thread at the end of very single section for you to share what resonates, what you’re working on, or what you’ve crafted for yourself. I will be checking in there myself and my intention is to build this community up and get to know each other better and move on (and inward) with our self-care lifestyles!!


As you feel called, please share on Instagram! Tag me so I can see your posts and use the special hashtag that I have created just for this course, so that we can connect with each other on the ‘Gram and build up our community outside of this little Teachable corner of the world wide web. #SelfCareCreatures

I’m so excited that you’re here and I am looking forward to connecting with you!

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