Invitation Language

You may notice during some of these classes and offerings that I often use terms throughout my teachings where I say, I invite you to, or this is an invitation for or maybe you want to try this. I often say a lot of maybes, and this truly is an invitation. 

I am giving you the option to try something. Nothing is ever required in any of my classes.

You get to make a decision with and for your body, always. I am just your guide; I am not a rigid teacher. I want you to become familiar with mindful movement and I want you to know that when you hear me inviting you or saying possibly try this - it truly is that invitation.

This also comes from a trauma-informed perspective, because when we have trauma in our bodies (consciously or unconsciously) it often doesn't feel great to be given an instruction, only to then discover that it doesn't work for your own body. Moments like that can turn into a spiral easily, where you feel like you're either doing something wrong, or this isn't the right fit for you - especially if you can't access where the teacher tells you something is “supposed to be."

In my classes, I want you to know yourself so well that no one else can tell you what to do or how to be. You are becoming the expert of your own body (to the best of your ability). You know how to show up, you’re learning how to support yourself and it is all a continuous process that never ends.

I am proud of you for being here!


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