My Background + Intention

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) since 2012. I worked actively as a CPT for 2 years, until 2014, when I left everything I knew to go travel! That's when I took my business online for the first time and worked with clients that way for a couple of years.

My background is in a 6-month, hands-on training through The National Personal Training Institute of Portland, OR. As soon as I graduated from that program I got my official certification through NASM.

The program does a full comprehensive analysis of the body - leaning how to read the body. This was my first taste of any kind of relationship with my body. This involved posture analysis, gait movement, and determining weak and/or compensating muscles through functional movements.

Ive become extremely passionate about {mindful} movement and injury prevention. I love helping people to slow down and be in their bodies. As my unfolding has taken place (because personal training is where I started right at the beginning of my journey) I have just come to really want to bring this mindful movement to the whole fitness realm.

That is my background! The slowing down, really helping you learn how to engage certain parts of your body, to be able to support muscles properly and have proper alignment, to be able to help with injury prevention (I talk about this a lot in the Yoga section as well). Personal training is also the first place I got to know my breath. I learned how to breathe properly and the role of he breath really plays HUGE in here!

My intention for you as you move through this section is really to take it slow, to get to know yourself better, to remember that this is not about "fitness" or fitting into a certain box with your body. Just as the intention with the studio all around, this is for YOU to get to know yourself better!

If you have any questions or want to know more about my background please feel free to ask :)

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