How to Use this Guide + Challenge

Option #1 :Rise to the One Week Challenge

Commit to these steps for one week. It doesn’t matter if you forget something, there’s actually no way to fuck this up, you just gotta do it. I am confident that you will have huge epiphanies by the end of one week. I challenge you to try it, setting aside all other “goals” you have for yourself right now. Trust yourself that in the midst of it all you will get the important things done. Simply commit to show up for yourself first.

Option #2: Habit Changing Life Guide 

You don’t have to do a one week challenge, you can implement this as a life guide. Let it help you change your habits subtly and take a load off that constant worrying, nagging mind of yours. I recommend starting with seven days so you can get in some consistency and feel the initial shift. 

When Shit Hits the Fan

The one thing that’s not regularly brought to light in the wellness voyage is the fact that obtaining this genuine happiness and truly healthy state does not mean rainbows and butterflies forever. There are going to be days where it feels like everything sucks, nothing is working, and you’re going to want to give up and move on - because this is still real life and that will happen. Let me remind ya that this is part of the process and part of the sustainability in my teachings is the fact that this is a lifetime commitment to getting to know yourself. There are no short cuts, but if you stick around, you’ll feel the shift. 

Connect with Your Community

This is new territory and it can feel scary and rocky AF. If you feel brave enough to share your journey use our tag #SYSGuide so others can connect with you and feel inspired to continue on their journey as well.

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