Why I'm Doing This + Quality Expectations

**Please note "classes" referred to here DOES NOT only refer to yoga. The Online Movement Space consists of many classes/courses, including safe + accessible functional and intuitive movement.

What to Expect

I'm at a place in my life and my business where I just want to continue teaching, getting to know people, and having in-person connections, but the reality of my life is that I need to be slowing down enough to spend quality time with my family. As you may know, my grandparents raised me, and now they are getting into their late 80's at the time of this recording and I want to be there for them!

So, I've been thinking, how can I structure my life to be able to both give back to my community, fill myself up and have this time and space to hold and be with my family at this time? That is why I created this online studio, with the intent of being progressive over a perfectionist! Getting my classes out there, as my community has been asking me for this, and in return it gives me this time freedom to spend more time with my grandparents. This feels like the most beautiful little circle of giving back that we can have with each other.

When I give to my community, I fill you up - you're learning about yourself, about how to ground down, how to show up and BE YOURSELF in this world that does not encourage you to do that whatsoever! In giving back to you, I am also giving back to myself, which encourages me to slow down and really ground into my own practice and to learn more about myself so I can help you learn about yourself! Through this reciprocation process, I suddenly have the means to be able to also go and spend time with my family.

I feel so grateful that we live in a space where this opportunity is here. For these reasons mentioned, this is why I am just starting out doing this very simple standard tech stuff (computer, iMovie) - because it's just me doing it all right now. We'll see how the value / quality grows as the community continues to grow, but right now my intent is to just start and give you what you're asking for - which is classes with me on a regular basis - so that is what you can expect!