Who is this Online Movement Space for?

I am striving to create a conscious way of living for all beings.

This online self-care studio really is for anybody that wants to get to know their bodies a bit more.

The entire process is about slowing down and then building a foundation in that space so that you can learn how your body properly functions and works.

I teach the modalities of yoga, nutrition and mindset, so really diving into all these types of spaces. If you are a newb for any reason, please come and join! Especially if you are interested in yoga or just functional movement at all. Functional movement is intentional movement of slowing down, moving for your body, getting out of this "exercise" / "fitness" mindset and really enjoy showing up for yourself. Who knew that could be possible?!

We're being realistic. It's not easy. We'll learn to notice and laugh at our minds. I hope that all advanced / well practiced students out there will find some uses from taking my classes and learning this slowing down and being with yourself space. It's very unique, it's very simple and in this unique and simple space it can be very challenging.

For any reason, if you feel called, please give it a try! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out because I am more than happy to answer them!


Through this studio I'm creating a reality where...

  • We're taught how to accept our bodies; to understand proper function and how to be with and care for it during life's ever-fluctuating rhythms, which reflect directly in and on the body.
  • We learn that we are amazing just as we are and everything we learn along the way only enhances our amazing gift of already being alive!
  • We focus on abundance mindsets, compassionate communication and lifting each other up so much so that confrontation rarely exists.
  • We learn how to cultivate a kind and aware mind, how to sit with and be with ourselves, so we can more easily hold space for others as well as differentiate what does and does not serve us.
  • We are encouraged to slow down and show up for ourselves, where employers, bosses, and family remind us to honor our wellbeing in order to not prolong any dis-ease.

Because I know you want to...

  • Tap into something new and different, like your full potential
  • Feel comfortable in your skin, right now, not later in life
  • Be who you are in this world, without apology or explanation
  • Find your voice as well as your calm
  • Live a truly happy and healthy life according to your body
  • Assist in changing the collective view on this world + humanity
  • Cultivate loving kindness and compassionate understanding
  • Have more acceptance for life and fucking live + enjoy it!!
  • Feel as though you are in alignment with the Universe
  • Touch down on your soul's path
  • Heal lineages of trauma, fear and scarcity
  • Learn laughter, lightness and joy