Types of Yoga Classes Taught Here

My favorite classes to teach are restorative, gentle and slow flow vinyasa, as well as meditations. I want to give a little overview of what you can expect in that!

With gentle classes it's really slowing down and tapping into that breath and space of slower movement - really embracing the experience of moving the body with the breath. Also getting that alignment right and understanding how our core works and adjusting the alignment of the spine so everything can feel good. Through this we start to pick up how our body compensates and just be in the body and feel it all happening. Nice and gentle, slow, exploratory, primarily mat based for those gentle classes.

Restorative becomes more of a mix between gentle movements and longer resting poses where there is a lot more guided talking, poetry and relaxation into the music. Here we are holding the poses a bit longer, maybe 3-5 minutes, but again with a little bit of movement in between, incorporating that gentle aspect.

As for vinyasa - I prefer the term slow flow. I like to challenge my students to take what they've learned building a foundation within themselves and their breath, then using that foundation to learn how to move and flow with the breath. Vinyasa means "to place in a special way" and it's really bringing that awareness to the alignment so we are consciously placing our limbs down and stacking our bodies properly for the movement to flow. Constantly coming back to the breath, so every inhale and exhale either begins with a movement and ends with a movement. It's nice and slow, really challenges ourselves to get out of the mind and just let the body flow and be.

That is how I strongly believe in my classes (a foundational approach). I don't prefer to use terms like beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi because I think those terms come to be determined by the (current) quality of your mind, not what you can do with your body; which are both ever-changing.