Building this Community TOGETHER

**I would like to point out that I have SO MUCH unlearning + relearning that I'm processing through race + gender, plus the United States' oppressive history (where I've been born + raised). This studio is an invitation to heal and learn, for ourselves, with others, rippling out into the rest of the world. Thank you for walking compassionately here with me in this space as we explore discomfort, together.

Welcome, I'm really glad you're here!

My passion comes from the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is our rest and digest state required for proper digestion and restoration of the body. Basically, we have our stress response system, known as the Sympathetic Nervous System and the off (or opposite) mode of that is the Parasympathetic Nervous System (NS). Over the course of my life I have come to discover this space when we're able to notice the activity of our mind and invite it to rest on the breath, we are able to experience our body's natural state of calm and in that calm state magical things begin to happen. However, that's really not a state we're encouraged to live in - we're constantly encouraged to go, go, go and I want to invite you to come into this very soft gentle space with me and help create this community! As well as experience what it is that I have to offer.

I'd like to invite you to communicate with me if there is ever any verbiage I use or anything that happens on this platform or in these classes that make you uncomfortable. I want you to feel comfortable being able to approach me, so we can build a more equal and inclusive community together.

My intent is to help all BODIES, all GENDERS, all PEOPLE come home to themselves and I know that can be difficult when you're over there by yourself and you can't see your other community members. It's also challenging for me, just being here literally in a room by myself, not being able to physically see all my students out there. I do spend a lot of time visualizing my community. As a community, you are always reaching out and talking to me and that means the most to my heart! I feel you there! That is why I am here; it's for you!

So please, I'd like to encourage you to have this conversation with me and with each other. Let's keep the community going and building, so we can all feel safe and continue to build this inclusiveness together.