My Intention for this Studio

**Please note the term "yoga" here refers to both the movement (asana) practice as well as what other classes / courses within this membership embody.

My intention is and always will be for you to get to know yourself better. With this online self-care studio, my intent is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable showing up and asking questions and really just diving in and getting to know yourself better.

We're dropping the rules. I want you to show up as you are. I want you to be comfortable. I really want to build this inclusive community together.

It is challenging for me to feel like I am a white women in a relatively small body. There's a lot of privilege that could be viewed here, but I really want to express just how much I believe that yoga and this practice of unfolding and getting to know ourselves IS for every body and it's attainable for everybody, no matter the background you come from or the way you were raised. This practice is all about what is in the heart.

Through these practices I am going to do my best to give lots of prop options, modifications and we're going to take things very slow. You'll hear lots of examples for suggestions on what to do with your body or how you can move it - that really is the intent - to give you a space and encouragement to show up for yourself and explore your body so that you can find what works best FOR YOU.

Of course, as any yoga journey would have it, you are showing up for your body in the physical sense of the practice but what it really is doing is helping you draw this awareness towards yourself in order to change the relationship you have with your mind and to notice how it feels to slow down and actually show up.